The Humbled Big Mouth!
December 27, 2015

When your relationship goes from Sizzle to Fizzle...

Many of us have had that relationship that once sizzled that has now fizzled!  Relationships seem to always have a wonderful start.  Whether the relationship is with a romantic lover, a new friend, a new organization or new colleagues, the relationship seems amazing in the beginning and is often times called a “honeymoon.”  You see all the good in the relationship, sometimes experiencing moments of extreme anticipation for the next encounter.  It is like that new toy you just bought and you want to play with it every day.
But one day, something changes…You become more comfortable.  Your eyes are opened to the new things that you don’t like.
It seems like everything is going well until that day that the newness wears off.  This seems to happen in all types of relationships.
This is the point when you start to believe that you could trade this person or relationship in for a newer or better model.  You begin to think the model you have is not good enough or you made a bad choice in buying it in the first place.  What do you do when the honeymoon is over?  Did you change?  Did the other person change?  Or, were you blinded by newness to the reality of what really was?  
Before you give up this new relationship, evaluate the cost of what it would be like if this person was not in your life.  Think about the value this relationship brings to your life. How we value a “thing” can be seen in how well we take care of it.  Relationships should be deep and meaningful.  Obtaining and maintaining this type of relationship takes being intentional and vulnerable, vulnerable enough to be emotionally naked with another person without fear.  Are you ready for that type of relationship?  If not, no problem.  If you are, start taking off the layers covering the real you with a safe person and venture into this new territory of having a deep and meaningful relationship.